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                Message from the President Min-Ho Huang

                Show Chwan has ridden on the great wheels of time to enter into a brand new era of the 21st century. Looking back over the past years, I have adhered to my original intention of ¡°serving the public with loving care,¡± and every step that I have taken has been imbued with the ancestral teaching to ¡°always stay committed to ethics.¡± With steady steps, Show Chwan has gradually established branches throughout the island. Like the ¡°Mayo Clinic¡± in the United States, we intend to provide small towns with large hospitals that meet international standards in order to bring more perfect medical care and services to more people.

                Chang Bing Medical Center has enabled our research and clinical competencies to meet world standards. While taking over and reconstructing Tainan Municipal Hospital was arduous and full of hardships, after its completion, we unconditionally donated what is now known as ¡°Show Chwan Medical Building¡± to the Tainan City Government. In this way, Show Chwan can serve the community, and its spirit of curing all illnesses can be spread throughout the world.

                Some say that it is a miracle that Show Chwan has achieved the scale of development it has today. However, this miracle was not created by a single person but through an accumulation of the hard work and loving care displayed by Show Chwan¡¯s staff, as well as the confidence and trust of our patients and their families.

                The principles of ¡°caring for patients with a parental heart¡± and ¡°treating patients like family¡± have carried on the spirit of my late father, Mr. Show Chwan. Only by keeping his spirit alive can we hope to lead a meaningful life. It is this spirit that has kept me committed to loving services and allowed us to create miracles by seeing our job of serving patients as a sacred calling.

                While handling the rapid advancement of international medical standards, Show Chwan¡¯s staff will remain true to the spirit of ¡°staying committed to ethics¡± and will constantly seek innovations and perfection in order to provide services to a wider public. I hereby sincerely wish for health and happiness for everybody.